Belgian Wall of Fame:


Kolombo, Loulou Players, Dimitri Andreas, Dj Prinz, BP, Daniel Bovie, JackJazz, Sierra Sam, Marcus Vector, Matt Heize, Igor & Vernon, Jerry May, Vox & Jacks, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Maks, Metrobox, Tom Dazing & Gols, Keatch, Miss Terize Global Cut aka Sven van Hees, Dave Brody, Pedro Mercado, Michael Hime, Mylan, Jimmy Galle, Maxim Lany, Joey Payne, Geoff Whichmann, Angstrom & Aalberg, Ecco, Pierre Noisez,…



This Belgium leading dance label Push It Records was founded by famed Dj Prinz in September 2009.


The idea behind the label is somewhat the same as the party concepts by Push It: bringing a healthy mix of well known artists and fresh, young talent with a ‘push’ they deserve.


It will be a reflection of the sound that electronic music in Belgium is today. Think about funky, deep and techy house music.